my son tried giving Santa our SECURITY door code... 😳
Landen, Addelyn, Lilia, and Kaden all perform at their mid-season December dance show and WOWWW they have changed so much in just 6 short months 😳 Afterwards, we all go to Leatherby's for dinner & ice cream... where Landen attempts to give out a little too much information to Santa 😂

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My name is Jess! I had a daughter (Lilia) at age 18 w/ my high school sweetheart. We mutually split up & co-parent to this day. I met someone new, got married, had twin boys (Kyson & Kaden) and another son (Landen). He cheated, we split ways, & he’s not around much. After juggling life as a single mom of 4 for some time, I met Chris, he had 2 sons: Caden and Tommy, who eventually became my step sons. After Chris and I got married, we had our 7th child together, Addelyn. We’re one big, complicated, blended family & every second of our story is on IRglo, you can start from the beginning here:

FAQ: Yes, we’re done having kids.
FAQ: Names and ages of the kids: Caden (step son, born in 2009), Lilia (daughter, born in 2010), Tommy (step son, born in 2010), Kyson (son, born in 2012), Kaden (son, born in 2012), Landen (son, born in 2014), Addelyn (daughter, born in 2016)
FAQ: Who are the dads? Gabe (Lilia’s dad), Drake (Kyson, Kaden, and Landen bio dad), Chris (Caden, Tommy, Addelyn’s dad)

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  • Bethan-Mae James
    Bethan-Mae James

    I think Addie has come out of her shell a bit more since starting school. I love seeing her personality.

  • Julia Herrmann
    Julia Herrmann

    I know it’s a lot of work, but my life is so much better when Jess posts everyday

  • Kayla Griffin
    Kayla Griffin

    I love how Chris treats all the kids it’s like Landen is his own

  • Lou Langdon
    Lou Langdon

    You can see how much lillia loves dance, she lights right up.

  • Rose A
    Rose A

    The love they have for Chris makes my heart melt!!

  • Tiffo

    Also with Landon and the pass code, you can buy a key that you hang on the outside of your door and it’s magic, when Santa touches it it automatically changed into the key for your house!!! I had one when I was younger and Santa managed to get into houses without fireplaces!!!

  • Danii Quattrocki
    Danii Quattrocki

    Chris is by far my fave human 🥺 the way he loves the boys is just everything

  • Miss Amanda's world
    Miss Amanda's world

    honestly Addie had some of best technique in her group she really tried to get it right.

  • michaela tarbox
    michaela tarbox

    Literally crying at addy doing her recital! She did great! Huge improvement

  • Madi-Olivia

    Awe so proud of Addy for dancing this year she’s come so far 💞

  • EVIL evil
    EVIL evil

    Lilia is lucky she has a beautiful mum that does really pretty makeup on her for dance!!! Love you jesssfam!! ❤️ MERRY CHRISTMAS

  • Callie Thompson
    Callie Thompson

    We were always told that Santa had his own special key to get into houses, there aren’t many houses in Australia with chimneys especially in the north where I grew up because it barely gets cold in the winter. I guess you could say that his special key presses the security code for him with Christmas spirit magic.

  • Jessica 97
    Jessica 97

    Amanda and Dane on stage with their baby! So cool that they can do that with her!! 😭🥰

  • Pat Seemore
    Pat Seemore

    Landen really impressed me, he has a bit of sass in his dance moves! Addelyn and Kaden are progressing very well! Of course Lilla showing her experience like a pro! Time will fly and they will all be pros!

  • Myra hoffart
    Myra hoffart

    What’s Up Fam?!!!!!!! Addie’s personality is blooming soooooo much ❤️ Dance definitely runs through their blood!

  • Lily92691

    Landen asking for your security door code to give it to Santa, cracked me up 😂 I love him 🥺

  • Beth

    Go Addie! Well done.. and well done to Lilia, Kaden & Landen too for their dances, did so good 👍

  • 𝕊𝕨𝕒𝕘𝕘𝕪 𝔸𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕪
    𝕊𝕨𝕒𝕘𝕘𝕪 𝔸𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕪

    Love watching the kids preform ! You are so lucky to have the best set of kids ! Have a great day

  • April Nieto
    April Nieto

    We live in Reno and that ice cream place looks like it’s worth the drive down! Love all of your food suggestions! Keep them coming!

  • KenzWalla

    My house never had a chimney, so Santa would weasel his way through the exhaust fan in the oven.. Just remind Landon that Santa Claus will ALWAYS find a way to deliver gifts…